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HBO Max’s Red Hood Movie

Movieweb chooses 7 actors who should play Jason Todd in HBO Max’s Red Hood Movie. Number 5 is Tanner.

According to a report from The Hashtag Show, young actor Tanner Buchanan is capturing Warner Bros’ interest regarding the role of Jason Todd. Coming from Cobra Kai, Buchanan is already experienced in playing a fighter that often finds himself in trouble. Buchanan’s character is the estranged son of an older Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid. Similarly, the character of Red Hood also experiences fractured relationships with other members of the Batfamily including Batman. Although Buchanan has expressed interest in playing a superhero, the role of Red Hood may also be a great fit. If the casting rumors are true and Buchanan is cast as Red Hood, it is hard to imagine him not doing a great job.

Source: MovieWeb